LLC «Sintez OKA» is a major ethanolamine manufacturer in Russia and the CIS countries. The company also successfully exports its products to the international market. Sintez OKA ethanolamines have a variety of agricultural and industrial applications.

  • Gas Treatment Ethanolamines (mono- and diethanolamine) are widely used as absorbent in oil refineries and gas processing plants, in nitrogen production plants for acid gas treatment and removal of hydrogen sulfides from gases.
  • Cosmetics and care products Mono- and diethanolamines are the key components by the production of cocamide MEA, DEA and TEA, which in turn used in cosmetic industry as components for production of shampoo, liquid soup, bath mousse, etc.
  • Agriculture Diethanolamine is used as one of the key components by the production of glyphosate improving the effect of this herbicide.
  • Cement production Triethanolamine is widely used in cement grinding aids production wich can considerably reduce energy consumption in cement production and improve the cement quality.