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Sintez OKA

Sintez OKA LLC is located in the Eastern Industrial District of Dzerzhinsk, the Nizhny Novgorod Region. The history of the enterprise dates back to 1938. In 2001 it was returned its historic name, Oka.

The state-of-the-art production facility Sintez OKA LLC:

  • Ensures annual production output and sales amounting to 43000 tons.
  • Commands 60% ethanolamine market share in Russia.
  • Produces 18,000 tons worth of export products.

The industrial complex of the company includes several plants - production facilities with over 600 employees. The total industrial complex area covers 48000 sq.m. Sintez OKA LLC is a leading Russian chemical company in the amine market. The company is continuously working to further augment the existing production facilities and construct new installations. The production facilities of the enterprise pertain to the medium capacity range category. Most of the process lines based on flexible process flow schemes are capable of producing dozens of items conforming both to current standards and customersĺ specific requirements. Special attention is paid to product quality control. Sintez OKA LLC have partnership relations with leading companies which is a confirmation of its products meeting international quality standards. We are looking forward to cooperation with end-users of our products.

Development of our customers is the basis of our own development!

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Monoethanolamine high grade
Monoethanolamine 1 grade
Monoethanolamine 3 grade
Diethanolamine high grade
Triethanolamine mark A
Triethanolamine mark B


Emulsifier OP-4
Auxiliary material OP-7
Auxiliary material OP-10
Non-ionic preparation Syntamide-5╩
Antifreeze Tosol └╠
Antifreeze Tosol └40╠
Antifreeze Tosol └65╠
Cooling and hardening fluid "Tosol OIZ"
Corrosion inhibitor źAmincor╗
Methyl alcohol ethers